Legionnaire of the Year 2019 Guidelines

1.    The Post submits the resume of their candidate from its Post to the County Legionnaire of the Year Chairman. Resume must be typed.
2.    To insure impartiality in judging, the name, gender, Post Number, and Community of the Candidate should be omitted from the resume. No Post stationary, or post name, should be used or mentioned in the resume. Any activity or elected office above Post Commander should NOT appear on the resume as well.
3.    Enclosed is a resume cover sheet which will identify the candidate and relative information that has been omitted from the resume which must be attached to the resume submitted for judging.
4.    All candidates resumes will be judged on attendance at Post activities, Post and County affairs and functions, hours spent working in and for the Post. Dedication, leadership, and service to the American Legion and the Community. A concise but complete resume should be prepared as the Judges make their choice strictly on the contents of the candidates resume.

5.    Candidates holding elected offices on the District or Department LEVEL ARE NOT ELIGIBLE WHILE STILL IN OFFICE.

6. All resumes must be mailed to me no later than March 1, 2019

Should you have any questions, please call me at (631) 724-8577.

Philip J. Barczak, PIOthDC
Mailing Address:
1 Cliftwood Place
Kings Park, New York 11754-4010