Required Reports
Required Forms and Reports

All American Legion posts are required to submit the following two annual reports:

1. Consolidated Post Report

The Consolidated Post Report (CPR) was established in order to assist departments in the documentation of the various activities a specific post has done during the twelve-month reporting period, June 1 through May 31. The CPR may be the most beneficial document the post will complete. The post’s information, combined with that of other posts, is used when the National Commander and others testify on Capitol Hill as mandated by our federal charter. Each post has a story to tell and when we speak collectively our strength is magnified.

The CPR can also be completed online on myLegion.org. Make sure to have all the information
ready, then simply sign-on and look for Consolidated Post Reports on the left sidebar. After
completing the form, click on the “Submit” button to send the report to National Headquarters;
a copy will automatically be sent to your department headquarters, as well. On-line submission will be available at myLegion.org through July 1st, the cutoff for receipt of forms at National Headquarters.

When using the paper form, send the original and one copy to the department headquarters to arrive not later than June 30, 2022. Keep the third copy for the post records. Paper forms may be scanned and
sent directly to national at mssforms@legion.org.See link in red below.

Consolidated Post Report 2021-2022  (Mail In Version)

Whether you use the mail - in option or the MyLegion.org method, please mail an additional  copy to Suffolk County Adjutant Jim Beecher at 549 Lombard St., N. Babylon, NY 11703

Two copies are to be mailed to:
Department of New York
1304 Park Boulevard, Troy NY 12180

One copy is to be mailed to:
Suffolk County Adjutant Jim Beecher
549 Lombard St.
N. Babylon, NY 11703


2. Post Certification of Officers Form

The service records of elected officers at Post, County, and District levels must be reviewed and certified to ensure their eligibility for Legion membership and service in an official capacity. See link in red below.

Post Certification of Officers Form

This form must be mailed no later than June 14, 2022 to:

Department of New York - Adjutant
1304 Park Boulevard,
Troy NY 12180

A copy of this form must be mailed to 
Suffolk County Adjutant Jim Beecher
549 Lombard St.
N. Babylon, NY 11703

Any questions, please contact Jim Beecher at jbeecher@optonline.net

Many other forms and documents of use to posts can be found on the Department of New York website. Please see https://nylegion.net/resources/