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Covid - 19 Effects on 2020 Legion Elections

TO:          Department Of New York American Legion Post, County Committee and District Organizations, Detachment of New York SAL Squadron, County Committee, District Organizations, NYALR Director

FROM:    James W. Casey, Department Adjutant

Re:           Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19) and Its Effects on 2020 Elections

DATED:   April 5th, 2020


     The Department of New York Executive Committee (D.E.C.) met in special session called by Commander McDermott on  April 5th, via telephone conference, regarding the current National COVID-19 Emergency, President Trump’s National Guidelines and Governor Cuomo’s Executive Action regarding “social distancing to slow the spread” and related limitations on the ability to physically assemble in a given space.

      Of immediate concern is how this situation impacts the up and coming 2020 elections and/or conventions for Sons’ Squadrons, Counties, Districts, Detachment, American Legion Posts, County Committees, District Organizations, to and including the Department Conventions.

       THEREFORE, due to the extreme urgency and uncertainty created by the current National COVID-19 Emergency, The D.E.C., pursuant to Article XIV, Section 1, of the Department By-Laws, has promulgated and adopted Temporary Regulation No. 1, dated April 5th. 2020, which reads as follows:  

         “Beginning on April 5th,2020, and CONTINUING until President Trump’s National Guidelines and Governor Cuomo’s Executive Orders regarding the National COVID-19 Emergency concerning the limitations on unnecessary travel and/or physical assembly are lifted, CONSTITUTIONS and BY-LAWS are HEREBY TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED as they relate to the up and coming 2020 Sons’ Squadron, County, District, American Legion Post, County Committee and District Organization NOMINATIONS AND ELECTIONS. THAT, UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE the elected officers of the ALR, Sons’ Squadrons, Counties, Districts, American Legion Posts, County Committees, District Organizations, Detachment, Department and National Convention Delegates chosen for 2019-2020 shall remain in place until their successors are chosen at meetings to be held AFTER the limitations on unnecessary travel and/or physical assembly are officially lifted by President Trump and Governor Cuomo and local authorities.             

         Said meeting(s) should be conducted only after the respective General Membership is first notified by either Postal mail, e-mail, or Facsimile transmission, at least five (5) days prior to said meeting, of its date, time, place and purpose which can be held on the same day or night and the same quorum as for all other meetings will be required to conduct business, and at the convenience of the respective Sons’ Squadron, County, District, American Legion Post County Committee and/or District Organization.”              

         PLEASE NOTE: Planning for The Department Convention, scheduled to open on July 14, 2020 is going forward. However, since the current situation is very fluid and subject to change daily, if it goes forward, the format it will take is under ongoing review by the D.E.C. and Department Convention Committee. You will be advised as more information becomes available.                                             

         In the meantime, all Chapters, Squadrons, Posts, Counties and District Organizations need to ensure that all members of the Legion Family are helping to “maintain law and order” by following the directives of Local, State and National health/public officials. In the meantime, Stay Healthy and Together we will BEAT this enemy!

        May God Bless America, the American Legion Family, Law Enforcement, EMS/First Responders, Health Care Workers, Volunteers and Our Women and Men in Uniform!  


                                                  “PRO DEO et PATRIA"                                     

Michael McDermott                        James W. Casey           W. Patrick Falvey

Department Commander               Department Adjutant      Department Judge Advocate